Tucson, AZ Flagship Retail Store

345 E. Congress Street Mon-Sat 11-6

(across from Fired Pie, World Of Beer, and next door to Hifi & Planet Smoothie, near Hotel Congress)


Welcome to a unique retail experience that doesn't exist anywhere else in the country: 

  • Every rack sign will tell the state in America where the garment was produced!
  • Every garment uses sustainable materials
  • Every garment feeds 12 Americans emergency meals via foodbanks nationwide. 
  • Zero-Commission Personal Shoppers pick garments for your size and body-type, with no-pressure sales tactics. We want pieces to be FABULOUS on you or not at all! 
  • We ask you to come out of the dressing room. That may seem odd but it helps us personal shop for others if we know how pieces felt on you. And there is zero-judgement.
  • No sales person will give you an opinion on color because we believe every color can look good on every skintone: there are only colors you like and colors you don't. 
  • We want long-term customers. This project is all about the people who support it! 

Modern, hip, stylish American-made womens, baby, and toddler organic clothing that has a humanitarian mission. Come see for yourself!

Our goal is to open larger versions of the Tucson shop in San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Austin, Brooklyn, and other cities with densities of people who want to know the stories behind their clothing!

Tucson AZ 85701

 Store Phone #: 520.396.4304

Mon-Sat 11-6pm