How We Feed 12 Meals



How Do We Provide 12 Meals Per Item Sold? 

This all began with the simple idea to have a community shirt made for our dance/yoga/photography studio The Movement Shala in downtown Tucson. At that time, we learned some startling statistics about the depth of the hunger challenge in the United States and while Jade was bulging pregnant with our son, Sequoia, we decided we had to do something, even if it was a small act. 

So the simple idea was born to feed 12 emergency meal boxes every time one of our community shirts sold. What started as one rack of shirts has blossomed into what is now Fed By Threads! 

How do we feed those 12 emergency meals? 

  • We donate $1 per item sold to the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona which covers their costs to provide 4 emergency meals to hungry Americans
  • We donate $1 per item sold to Feeding America, a national hunger relief organization with over 200 distribution points across the country to cover their costs to provide 8 emergency meals to hungry Americans. 
The food banks receive a lot of food that is donated but they still shoulder the costs of trucks, manpower, warehouses, and beyond. They are able to leverage our contributions to cover their costs to provide those emergency meals to the hungry in this country. 

    While these dollar sums seem small, we ask our growing community to remember the cost of these 12 emergency meals is only one of the numerous costs we at Fed By Threads are incurring to do things differently. We pay more for US-manufacturing labor, sustainable fabrics, biodegradable/compostable shipping packages, recycled hangtags/postcards/business cards using soy ink, we use the post office, and print through local printers here in Tucson, when a large corporate printer might be less expensive. On top of that, we don't mark everything up based on what are industry norms in order to make Fed By Threads accessibly priced for as many people as possible. 

    Our mission is to inspire change and offer an alternative to the conventional shopping experience. 

    Thank you, 

    -Alok & Jade

    Co-Founders :: Fed By Threads