Fed By Threads Mission

Fed By Threads set out to inspire change & get us back to the roots of what America stands for: generosity, community, feeding the hungry, and making real goods for our national economy. Let's stop outsourcing jobs. Let's stop destroying the environment. Let's stop blaming the hungry for being hungry. We sacrifice profits to feed hungry Americans, revitalize U.S. garment manufacturing to create jobs, & use sustainable fabrics to protect our environment. 

That is why we only curate American-Made Brands that use sustainable fabrics along with our in-house Fed By Threads' branded pieces! And since we love our little furry friends, we don't carry any animal products in-store or online. 

While there are many projects aimed at fixing hunger problems around the world, Fed By Threads is focused on fighting HUNGER in our own backyard, our own communities, our own country right here in America! 


What motivates us?

  • 16.7 million children in America live in poverty in households that lack food security. 

  • 50.1 million Americans lived in food insecurity in 2010. 

  • 14.9% of households (17.9 million households) were food insecure.


How Do We Provide 12 Meals Per Item Sold? 

We have made financial commitments to the Community Food Bank Of Southern Arizona and a nationwide hunger relief organization from each item sold which covers their costs of providing 12 emergency meals. This allows Fed By Threads to have both a local and national impact.

Our goal is to get people helping to feed America's hungriest mouths, those that are barely getting by. The simple act of buying one of our hand-cut & hand-sewn pieces provides 12 meals! That's the core foundation of who we are!