Fed By Threads USA Mission

A Revolution In The Multi-Brand Shopping Experience

Fed By Threads set out to be the most inspiring clothing store you have ever walked into, based on love. That means love for yourself and... 

  • Made In America: You can read every rack sign and see the exact state/city of each piece!
  • Feed The Hungry: 12 Americans will be fed emergency meals from each of your purchases!
  • Sustainability: 95% of our inventory is organic and sustainable materials. 
  • Zero-Commission Personal Shoppers: Our in-store team is judgment-free and will tailor pick items just for your body, ask you to come out of the dressing room, and get you to try things you may not have imagined would be fabulous! ZERO-Commission staff means they simply want the best for you. 
  • Inspiring In-Store Signage dedicated to building healthy self-esteem in our customers! 
  • You Photographed: We post photos of people like YOU who come to our store or send in photos in your Fed By Threads purchases for our social media and website! We have yet to hire models.
  • No Airbrushing: We never air-brush any images and celebrate people for who they are!
  • Know YOU: Plus we want to meet your kids, we want to know your names. 

Department stores from the high-end to the low-end all carry brands that find the cheapest labor overseas using unsustainable materials for the most part. All you are getting cheap clothing or a fancy label, or both. 

At Fed By Threads, Fabulous meets fair!

How Do We Provide 12 Meals Per Item Sold? 

We have support Feeding America, which is a nationwide network of 201 food banks across the country. We cover their costs to collect, sort, and distribute 12 emergency meal boxes of food to Americans in need from each piece you buy from us. 

Our goal is to get people helping to feed America's hungriest mouths, those that are barely getting by. That's the core foundation of who we are!