Fed By Threads' Story

Alok Appadurai co-founder of Fed By ThreadsMy son is four years old and I want him and future generations to live in a better world the only solution I can see is having millions of humans realize that our buying decisions aren't just about the finished products but instead have tremendous ripple effects globally. We believe that as more and more people are equipped with the knowledge of the invisible costs behind their food, clothing, and shelter, an unstoppable pendulum shift will occur so that it will no longer be a question of "changing the big companies that are destroying everything for profit." Together we are changing the world. -Alok Appadurai :: Co-Founder

1 in 6 Humans Is Involved With Making Clothes.

Join A Revolution In Fashion:

Our Mission

To offer affordable sweatshop-free timeless American-made sustainable apparel and feed emergency meals to Americans in need from each garment sold.

Why Do We Do This?


7 Ways We Feed:

  • Feeding People: Meals fed to Americans in need via FeedingAmerica.Org
  • Feed Jobs: American Garment workers can feed their families from good jobs!
  • Feeding Causes: Every garment "feeds" different causes with profits
  • Feeding Artists: We support artists who design for us to "put food on their table"
  • Feed The Hungry: We go out ourselves into communities to feed people.
  • Feed The Earth: 99% of our inventory uses organic sustainable materials. 
  • Feed Your Self-Esteem: 0% Commission personal shoppers + positive in-store signage
  • Feed Our Community: Add comments on product pages & post your photos

How Do We Do This?

We create timeless sweatshop-free American-made organic clothing that can be worn for years that helps feed some of the 46 millions Americans in need, supports safe good-paying American garment jobs, reduces the use of sweatshops, and lowers our impact on the earth.

Our Humble Beginnings

This started as 1 rack of t-shirts as a way to feed people and attack hunger in America. But after buying our first batch of cute & cheap shirts off the internet, we learned the truth behind cheap shirts and knew we had to change ourselves before we could change the world. So we switched to sweatshop-free American-made clothing that is organic and doesn't use heavy-metal dyes, pesticides, formaldehyde and other harmful ingredients. 

Our Amazing Customers

We are blessed to have the best customers in the world who stand for something bigger than themselves, who recognize the power their choices have to shape the world around them, and have a desire to do good in their lives. Thank you for being amazing! Many of you saw Fed By Threads start as one rack of t-shirts in our old dance and yoga studio with a goal of feeding 360 people in need. It was a tiny idea and a dream. Today we have fed 100,000's of people because inspiring people like you cared. But what people need more than emergency meals is JOBS. We are proud to support directly or indirectly over 175 American garment jobs and part of a future without sweatshop labor.

Thank you, -Alok Appadurai (co-founder)



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