Fed By Threads Mission

Co-Founders Alok Appadurai & Jade Beall set out to revolutionize the department store shopping experience which has basically been the same for 2 decades. While department store prices and brand names may differ, they all carry clothing primarily made overseas by low-paid workers using unsustainable materials. Sounds familiar?

Fed By Threads, in contrast, offers a multi-brand shopping experience where every garment has a story! 

Shoppers increasingly want to know where their food is coming from and shifting away from mass production and low prices. Likewise, they want to know that people didn't suffer in sweatshops to make their clothing. We want to know who made each piece, under what conditions, in what specific location, using materials that don't harm our clean drinking water supplies, our soil quality, and the oxygen our family breathes. 

Fed By Threads set out to inspire change & get us back to the roots of what America stands for: generosity, community, feeding the hungry, and making real goods for our national economy. We sacrifice profits to feed hungry Americans, revitalize U.S. garment manufacturing to create jobs, & use sustainable fabrics to protect our environment. 

Five Tenets Of Our Mission: 

  • Help feed some of the ~50 Million Americans facing food-insecurity
  • Support American-Garment producers across the nation
  • Increase demand for sustainable materials and bring transparency to fashion supply chains
  • Build positive body image and healthy self-esteem in people
  • Increase compassion for animals

While there are many projects aimed at fixing hunger problems around the world, Fed By Threads is focused on fighting HUNGER in our own backyard, our own communities, our own country right here in America! 

How Do We Provide 12 Meals Per Item Sold? 

We have support Feeding America, which is a nationwide network of 201 food banks across the country. We cover their costs to collect, sort, and distribute 12 emergency meal boxes of food to Americans in need from each piece you buy from us. 

Our goal is to get people helping to feed America's hungriest mouths, those that are barely getting by. That's the core foundation of who we are!