Fed By Threads Mission

Revolutionizing The Multi-Brand Shopping Experience

Fed By Threads offers customers an experience they have never had before where: 

  • Every piece would be made in America by brands across the nation in sweatshop-free factories
  • Every piece uses organic & sustainable materials
  • Every piece feeds 12 emergency meals to hungry Americans via food banks

Department stores from the high-end to the low-end all carry brands that find the cheapest labor overseas using unsustainable materials for the most part. Either you are getting cheap clothing or a fancy label, or both. 

At Fed By Threads, customers can trust that there is no sweatshop-labor! Fabulous meets fair!

How Do We Provide 12 Meals Per Item Sold? 

We have support Feeding America, which is a nationwide network of 201 food banks across the country. We cover their costs to collect, sort, and distribute 12 emergency meal boxes of food to Americans in need from each piece you buy from us. 

Our goal is to get people helping to feed America's hungriest mouths, those that are barely getting by. That's the core foundation of who we are!