Fingerless Pianist Reminds Us Of Music's Gift

Fingerless Pianist featured by Fed By Threads Many people would let not having fingers prevent them from playing music but 15-year-old pianist Alexey Romanov of Zelenodolsk, Russia isn't letting anything stop him from sharing his passion for the piano.

 Watch this video:

He is a true inspiration and a reminder to never give up on doing what brings us great joy. We can overcome adversity even when other's think it is impossible.

Many people come to our shop complaining about what they don't like about their bodies and while I understand the pressures to look a certain way can be pervasive, living without fingers would be unimaginable to many, including myself. Would I have the same fortitude of spirit to be a messenger of tranquility and happiness as what I heard from the strokes of those piano keys? I am not sure. 

Alexey's gift is a blessing to all of us

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Alyssa Padarathsingh
Alyssa Padarathsingh


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