The Secret Behind Amazing Style

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Why can some people pull off certain fashion looks and other's can't? There is one simple reason and it isn't what you think. 

Why do people like the prison's of other people's rules about what they should and should not wear? Whether it is about color, style, fit, or cut, people often say, "I can't wear that, because, well, you know, I don't want to look like..." To heck with that! Style is about self-expression. Is it about being alive in your own skin. It puts out the world your aesthetic desires and says to the world, "Here I am. I am me." 

Yet all to often, people say, "Oh so-and-so can pull that off, yet I could never do it!" Well, the only reason so-and-so can do it is because so-and-so made the choice to do it and you didn't. It's not because the piece worked better or not on them vs you. 

Because you know what determines whether or not you can or can not pull something off? It has nothing to do with fit. It is singularly determined by whether you can hold your chin held high and walk out the door looking and feeling fabulously about yourself. Period. End of story. 

If you can, people will see that from a hundred yards away. The confidence will exude out of your pores. They will be jealous of your sense of self that isn't cocky or conceited, just centered and proud. 

And that can make people uncomfortable, but WHO CARES! That's their problem because you will be showing them how many rules they subject themselves to. That will rock their boat but no longer will you be hiding under a rock. It is time to live and let go of the rules of 'fashion'. 

If you like it, wear it. 

-Alok Appadurai is co-founder of Fed By Threads, only wears two pairs of pants and often repeats his outfits because he loves what he owns, and doesn't need a lot. Email him directly:

Alok Appadurai
Alok Appadurai


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