Walmart Bargain Hunting: Sport Or Tragedy?

Bargain hunting for clothing is a sport in America. Have you ever heard a friend say, "I just found this on the Walmart clearance rack for only $5!" with the joy only a bargain hunter can exude? And if you by bargain you mean, someone only had to work 14 hour-days 7 days a week instead of 18 hour days, in order to make your clothing, then yes, you are getting a steal. 
But a growing number of Americans are waking up that those Walmart deals are really steals from the lives of others around the world. 
People are shifting to a Walmart-free closet of clothes and it is super exciting! No one really wants people suffering so they can wear cheap clothes, right? No one takes pleasure and says, "Hey this shirt was made by someone working grueling long hours in unsafe working conditions for pennies" as a smile of pride. 
So the next time celebrates the steal they got at Walmart, simply ask them who made their garment. Most likely they won't know. But it surely wasn't the executives in Bentonville, Arkansas where Walmart is based. They will keep getting filthy rich until people decide they want clothing with a good story. 

Alyssa Padarathsingh
Alyssa Padarathsingh


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