How First-Outfit Mentality Can Change Your Life

One day an employee of mine said, "I try on 14 outfits on many mornings before picking one to wear..." to my deep shock! You see, she's amazing so what the heck was she doing trudging her way through 14 grueling critiques to find just the right pairing of clothes? I understand, maybe, if you had a super important event that required just the right feel, or maybe a job interview of a lifetime. 

Conversely, I subscribe to the First-Outfit Trend, which means what it says: throw on your first outfit, put your chin up, and walk out the door exuding fabulousness! Because it is that confidence that makes every outfit amazing. People are confused thinking the outfit generates the confidence when frankly it is confidence that generates your clarity that every outfit you put on work. And they don't just work, they work tremendously well. 

This follows up on my theory that most people completely disagree with that says that all colors work on all people. You can read that by clicking here. 

For the First-Outfit Trend to work, however, there are a couple key steps you must take: 

  1. Get rid of all clothing that doesn't bring you joy! Yes, you read that correctly. If the piece doesn't make you happy with distinct clarity, it's gotta go! When you love everything you own, it makes it incredibly easy to pick something and know it is fabulous on you. So many of us have 49% of our closets that is simply filling space: items we know we actually kind of hate but for some reason are holding onto, like a security blanket of sorts, that clearly isn't serving you. Get rid of it! Pare your closet down to pieces you are THRILLED to put on! 
  2. Develop a deep gratitude and self-love practice. Do you know how amazing you are? Our society has done a bang-up job of making people so painfully self-conscious about being perceived as cocky or conceited that you may have never learned to build healthy gratitude practices that truly celebrate how wonderful you are. 
  3. When you do shop for new clothes, use the high-bar from Step 1 to guide you. At Fed By Threads, I veto customer purchases if I think they are on the fence about a piece of clothing. I don't want 50/50 feelings about how something looks or feels. I want WINNERS! I want people knowing they LOVE that garment! Why? Because they will wear it often and will trust me to come back for years to come. I am willing to walk away from a sale if a piece isn't absolutely fabulous because I believe in First-Outfit Mentality

When you know that you are a fantastic person it doesn't mean you look down at others. We can absolutely hold ourselves in high-regard and deeply respect others! So start cultivating true clarity about your self-worth, say outloud "I am a good person" 3 times a day, get rid of clothing that isn't joy-producing, only buy clothing you know you love, and put your chin up with your first outfit chosen each morning! 

So instead of asking "Does this outfit make me look fat or bloated or make my skin look yellow?" or any of the other million questions that we may grill ourselves will when tying to pick an outfit, shift to questions like "What is incredible about me? How do I make the world a better place? What acts of kindness will I do today?" 

Let me know how that works for you! 


Alyssa Padarathsingh
Alyssa Padarathsingh


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