What Miss Universe Did Shook The Fashion World, Inspiring Millions Of Girls Around The World

Ashley Burnham is no ordinary Mrs. Universe and being just another pretty face was not in her future. Upon winning the crown of most beautiful human in 2015, she didn’t just look to collect accolades and be put onto a pedestal for the world to admire. She used her voice. She went on a verbal warpath to oust Stephen Harper, Canada’s leader. And boy did her words make people uncomfortable.

Fed By Threads Featuring Miss Universe Ashley Burnham

In Canada, over 1,000 First Nation women have been murdered or are missing, and Burnham, or Callingbull as is her full name, is calling for a change of leadership towards a government that will protect all people in Canada.

Ms. Callingbull is of the Enoch Cree Nation west of Edmonton and is a famous actress in Canada so it was probably assumed by many that after being the first Canadian and aboriginal person to win Ms. Universe, she would not use her platform to advocate for the less advantaged. But given her past of being sexually abused by her step-father, she chose to not close her mouth, to not stay silent, and instead give voice to the less fortunate.

So today we tip our hats to the women voted most beautiful on earth: Ashley Callingbull is a heroine and speaks to the violence and lack of protection that millions of women face around the world! Women are rising up around the world, from Malala against the Taliban to 1000’s of small actions happening every day by brave women who live in repressive systems that treat women differently than they treat men.

She could have taken an easier, more lucrative path, but instead, she listened to her soul! How inspiring!

Please share this store with any young girl you know to help shape her sense of beauty and empower her to find her true voice!

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Alyssa Padarathsingh
Alyssa Padarathsingh


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