2 New Designs! "Perch" and...

Almost 900 meals have been generated for hungry Americans since we launched FedByThreads.Org! Thank you to everyone who is supporting this project! We are blown away by how it is growing every day!

 We are so excited to announce the coming arrival of two new designs at FedByThreads.Org! We have teamed up with Kimi Eisele, who is a friend and local artist and dancer here in Tucson, Arizona! During a back injury healing period, she began doing these incredible paper-cut-outs with scissors and other tools. We loved them so much that we asked her if we could exclusively do a line of her work. "Perch" is an image that touched us deeply because we ourselves just had our first child Sequoia Narayan Appadurai! A portion of the sales not only generates 12 meals for hungry Americans, but it also stuffs some funds into Kimi's piggy-bank too! 



Founder Jade Beall also just came out with a new design based on her passion for Congolese drum and dance! We host high-flying Congolese-inspired dance classes every Friday night at our studio here in Tucson and we invite you a) to get a shirt and b) come dance and drum with us!

Both designs are still coming off the press from the local print shop we use so thank you for your patience! 

For Pre-orders, please email ALOK@fedbythreads.org! Or call 917 523 2240.

Thank you for helping make FedByThreads.Org a small but growing project. You are helping feed people and what can be better than that! 

With deep gratitude, 

-Alok & Jade

Founders :: FedByThreads.Org

Alok Appadurai
Alok Appadurai


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