9 Reasons To Buy Made In America

April 25, 2013


9 Reasons To Buy "Made In America"

1. Help Create More Jobs In America

The resounding theme across the country these days are the throngs of American workers looking for jobs. When you buy American-made you are directly voting with your dollars for more jobs to be created on home soil. 

2. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint: 

When items are Made In the USA, they travel shorter distances to get to you. The more local you shop the better it is for the environment! Less fossil-fuels needed. 

3. Help nurture growth in the American Economy as a whole: 

When you spend your dollars at companies that offer Made In America, they have a higher likelihood of spending those dollars on goods and services that benefit the economy. For example, Fed By Threads hires local accountants, uses local printing services, banks at local credit unions, ships through the US Postal Service, and so much more. Those dollars keep circulating to businesses and projects here in America and keeps those people employed, so that they can then spend their dollars within our local and national economy. 

4. Support Safer Working Condtions: 

It seems like every month there is another story about a tragedy in a sweatshop overseas making products for American companies to sell to American consumers. We can cut off demand for sweatshop-made products by simply buying American-made. Here in America, workers are better-protected and laws require safe working conditions and outlaws blocking emergency exits and other practices overseas that can put workers at risk.

5. Better Quality Products: 

Quality control is much higher in American-made companies, workers don't have to manufacturer at break-neck speeds and more attention is paid to details and quality. It may cost a bit more to pay for these conditions, but we appreciate quality over quantity. 

6. Fight Back Against The Destructive Forces of the "Low Price" Economy

Over the past 3 decades, Americans have simply demanded lower and lower prices which has put pressure on companies to fire American workers and set up production facilities overseas. American CEO's have actively destroyed American jobs because of the "Low Price" demands of American consumers. This trend can only be reversed if people in America vote with their dollars and tell those companies you won't buy their products since they shipped jobs overseas to increase profits. This requires a shift in mentality away from wanting to be able to buy as many items as possible for as little as possible and towards a mentality of maybe buying fewer items knowing those items support your belief systems. 

7. Build An Economy For Our Children & Their Children

When jobs get shipped by American CEO's overseas to other countries, they rarely come back. When a job is created in this country, there is a much higher chance that that job will be available for someone in future generations here in America. Let's build an economy where our children will be able to find quality employment.

8. Increase social harmony in America

When people are out of work and can't find jobs, it disturbs the social balance and can foster an emotional environment filled with resentment, anger, frustration, and beyond. We can help create more social harmony by increasing the opportunities for employment.

9. It just plain feels good to know you are voting with dollars to help our great nation thrive!



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