From Bangladesh: Responding To The Building Collapse and Garment Worker Death Toll

I am a garments Merchandiser. I do costing per garments where it is extremly hard to believe. Just think about normal t-shirt. No compromise about fabric and trim where buyer compromise on cost of making, which related to quality factory, good worker salary, safety, force to work hard, 10 to 12 hour duty per day with minimum wages. Taking consideration above fact we give the final cost of per tshirt is 2 to 3 us dollar, which not over 5 us dollar. But western brand and buyer sell per garments 40 to 70 us dollar. How ridiculous! Losser everyone. Losses who buy it and who make it. 
More and more good factory in Bangladesh who are not able to compromise on price, but dishonest buyer dont come to them due to cheapst price, 
time to create good product, good price, good living place everywhere.

-Shah Newas

Alok Appadurai
Alok Appadurai


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