Change-Hero Spotlight: Rebecca Casciano "Green Beauty & Wellness Coach"

Change-Hero Spotlight: Rebecca Casciano

"Green Beauty & Wellness Coach"


At Fed By Threads, we get inspirations from the incredible people we connect to every day! That is why our Change-Hero Spotlight is shining brightly on Rebecca Casciano, a "Green Beauty & Wellness Coach". You may be wondering what green beauty has to do with Fed By Threads and the connection lies in Rebecca's desire to go against the norms when she found herself suffering from cystic acne. Instead of opting for medications, she went with a "holistic approach" and as she says, "I transitioned to a whole-foods, plant-based diet and embraced natural healing modalities such as acupuncture, herbs, cleansing, yoga and meditation. I gradually found that my skin began to heal. In addition,  I improved my overall wellness and felt proud of adopting a conscious, environmentally-friendly lifestyle." 

As you may know, Fed By Threads is a vegan clothing company, in that we don't sell any animal-based clothing to our community and so when we read about the positive shifts that Rebecca made in her own life by choosing a plant-based food system, we just had to give her a high-five as a Change Hero we admire! 

When Rebecca started exploring what was in beauty products, she realized that most commercial brands were using chemicals that let's just say aren't friendly to our bodies, which was the same journey we found about the chemicals that are laced into most clothing sold on the market today. You see, these choices are all connected! 

And she doesn't just advise clients on the safest beauty products to use on their bodies, she goes even further to coach them on how to change the foods they are putting into their bodies to optimise their health. It takes courage to be a voice of change in the beauty industry! We should know: co-founder of Fed By Threads Jade Beall is also a photographer of women and opts to not use air-brushing and other digital augmentation tools to 'make people look more beautiful' which are norms in the fashion industry. 

Rebeccas notes, "After several years of sharing my story with family and friends, I realized a deep, genuine desire to help empower others to make healthy choices their diet and lifestyle." And isn't that the magic? Our choices are so powerful and through them, we can better protect our own bodies, the health of our families, the health of the planet, and support projects that produce goods we trust our actually safe and healthy! 

She has "deepened my commitment to help women discover the natural connection between our inner health and outer beauty. As a makeup artist, I am dedicated to using products that are safe, sustainable and effective. And as a Green Beauty + Wellness Coach, I am passionate about educating women on the benefits of a nourishing, plant-based lifestyle and beauty routine." How inspiring! See how lucky we are at Fed By Threads to learn what other incredible Change Heroes are doing? 

If you want to make changes in your life and think Rebecca can be helpful to you, drop her a line: BEAUTY@REBECCACASCIANO.COM

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Alok Appadurai
Alok Appadurai


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