9-Year-Old Grows Food For The Homeless, Builds Them Shelters

November 29, 2015


If only every had the spirit to give like Hailey Fort! Since she was 5 years old, she has had a passion for helping the homeless. Now at 9 years old, she builds shelters and grows food for those in need! 

Fed By Threads featuring Hailey Fort who grows food for the homeless

She has already raised over $49,000 on her GofundeMe.com page and her facebook page is named Hailey's Harvest has over 33,000 followers! 

Hailey, with the help of her parents has also learned to build small homeless shelters that each cost about $300!

Fed By Threads featuring Hailey Fort who builds shelters for the homeless!

I admire the compassion in her heart from such a young age especially given the current climate where many people assume homeless people are lazy or moochers off welfare systems. Hailey hasn't been corrupted to view the less-fortunate this way and instead is following her dream to take care of people. 

Keep inspiring the world to be a better place for everyone to live and eat, Hailey!


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