Student's Project Tells People They Are Beautiful, Surprised, Their Faces Light Up

Fed By Threads featuring student who tells people they are beautiful

A student in Chicago surprised her peers while doing a film experiment by telling them she was filming “Things she finds beautiful.” The reactions are priceless as they unexpected compliments settling in on each participant.

It reminds us how rarely people are complimented and how much of a gift it can be to someone.

Many of us are surrounded daily by society’s drive to increase competition, whether at yoga class or at our workplace. Competition can make one resist complimenting others.

Or we may fear being accused of relying on shallow or false flattery to garner attention ourselves. But as a society, we are so far from risking that!

So go for it, test how it feels to offer someone a no-strings-attached compliment. Say, “You Are Beautiful” and let that settle in. Expect nothing in return. It will brighten their day, and who knows, it may leave a lifetime impact that changes how they view themselves forever. 

Alyssa Padarathsingh
Alyssa Padarathsingh


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