Tired Of Being Photoshopped, Superstar Makes Inspiring Video For All Women

Fed By Threads featuring Colbie Caillat


Images of superstars like singer Colbie Caillat are doctored, photoshopped, and airbrushed beyond what they themselves actually look like so more of them are rebelling because of what that is doing to the emotional well-being of women around the world. In this beautiful powerful video, she shows women stripping themselves of the various 'additions' that are used to augment how women look.

Hair extensions, eyelash extensions, makeup, and beyond are removed leaving each woman looking radiant and beautiful just as they are.

But it isn't women who face a barrage of media that alters their sense of self. Men too are inundated with images of what a man should look like, act like, be like: tall, muscular, ripped, with a six-pack. We see women on Facebook posting photos of "eye candy" featuring a hot fireman shirtless and that too adds to the body image battles that are waged daily in the mirrors of consumers around the world.


More and more companies like Fed By Threads, however, are opting to photograph our customers, to feature people as they are, without digitally altering their faces and bodies.

So we applaud Colbie Caillat and other stars who are taking a stand against photoshopping of images and helping people embrace how amazing they are just as they are.

Fed By Threads is the only multi-brand sweatshop-free American-made sustainable clothing store that feeds Americans in need. Come change the world with us. 

Alyssa Padarathsingh
Alyssa Padarathsingh


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Kristin McNally
Kristin McNally

February 07, 2016

Thank you for sharing this truthful and inspiring video, Fed by Threads; and hats off to Colbie Caillet. Real beauty is raw!

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