Finally, An Inspirational Women's Fitness Video Without Fitness Models!

#ThisGirlCan at Fed By Threads
We've all seen the images of gals at the gym in their cute sports bras and spandex short shorts pumping iron, sweating, and getting ripped abs. But the reality is that this image of women athletes is incredibly limited and doesn't get close to capturing the full range of every-day women athletes who love to sweat, be active, play sports, and work hard to take care of their bodies. 
For everyone else, this video is an inspiring reminder that you too "look damn hot" and thrive towards your goals! 

We aren't saying videos shouldn't feature the women in the spandex with the six-pack abs but more so, we have a desire to see a wider range of women that reflects society reflected and embraced!

This is yet another reason why we showcase our customers in all of our social media and website images and videos. You are amazing and we are proud of you! 

Fed By Threads is the only sweatshop-free multi-brand American-made sustainable clothing store that feeds Americans in need from each garment sold. Join our movement to change the world. 

Alyssa Padarathsingh
Alyssa Padarathsingh


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