7 Free & Easy Ways To Help "Fed By Threads"!


7 Free & Easy Ways You Can Help "Fed By Threads"

We know this is a tough economy and not everyone can afford to buy gear from us, BUT that doesn't mean you can't be involved! Choose a few of the 7 things you can do with little time and no money: 

  1. Tell your Aunt Cecilia or best friend Jack about us. Seriously, pick 3 people you know and tell them about us!
  2. If someone ever says, "Oh my, I need to get a gift for so-and-so, but I don't know what to get..." we hope Fed By Threads will come into your mind and tell them they can get a great gift here that also makes a difference in other people's lives! 
  3. Follow us on Pinterest (click here) or on Facebook (click here)! Yes, we are on Twitter, but let's be honest, not really. 
  4. Wear our gear often and with pride! (yes, I know this one assumes you somehow got one of our items)...
  5. Nominate someone to receive a FREE Fed By Threads shirt! We select 'ambassadors' that people like you nominate so email us at skya@FedByThreads.com and tell us their name and why you think they are amazing, their email, etc. We pick at least one such ambassador each month!
  6. Go to our website (www.fedbythreads.com) and share some of the photos of our items on your social media platforms like facebook, pinterest, and beyond. That means so much! 
  7. Send us good vibes! How easy is that? Close your eyes and just wish us the best!