Become A Brand Ambassador!


Are you a pillar of your community? Would you be proud to wear Fed By Threads and tell our story to your growing community? Do you believe in our mission to inspire change and shift how we think about the choices we make. Do you yourself inspire change in others simply through your words and actions? Are you a teacher, facilitator, musician, or other beacon in your local and global community? Do you want to be part of something special? 

If so, we'd love to name you one of Fed By Threads "Brand Ambassadors" and in return we will give you a permanent unique discount code that you can use online on any pieces we offer! 

To nominate yourself or someone else you think would be an amazing addition to our 'team', please email and put "Brand Ambassador" in the subject line. Then tell us more about why you think you deserve to be recognized as a brand ambassador. 



  • What are you passionate about? 
  • What communities/groups do you represent?
  • What values and beliefs are important to you? 
  • Where is the bulk of your community located? 
  • Who is your following? 
  • Why do you want to be a brand ambassador? 
  • Will you commit to spreading the word about Fed By Threads? 

These are just general questions to get you thinking but feel free to respond in whatever manner suits you best. 

Email your interest in the program to

Assuming we like what we see and select you, we may opt to cross promote you across our social media platforms and/or on our website, with pride! 

Thank you for helping to share the word about our "Brand Ambassador" program!