Customer Testimonials

Want to know why peole love Fed By Threads, read their words:


Lori VanBuggenum It's not easy being a trail blazer...but those of us who are committed to creating a world that reflects peace, social justice, compassion and love all have your back and are cheering you on! In the long run, we are all in this together! Thank you for living your vision, shifting old paradigms and showing that a different way can in fact be a reality! Tucson and beyond feels your vibe! Much love to all three of you!!!

Barbara Bhavani Cooper I am a dedicated thrift shop, 2nd hand clothes shopper...I bought the WONDERFUL bird on a bike shirt from you and Alok because of the integrity of your business, the wonderfulness of the product and the uber-wonderfulness of knowing that it helps feed people! More than I usually spend BUT.. TOTALLY understand why and glad to feel that purchasing an artsy garment for myself will actually benefit others as well..I appreciate all that you do and will cherish my "special" shirt!

Tyler Woods You get what you pay for in this case 12 people extra get it too!


Peter Talhame I wrote this on my wall, but I will share it here too:

Peter Talhame: If you have ever shopped with me or seen me at an open air market, you know that I am a bargain hunter. I like to feel as though I got the best value for what I purchased. I think most people want to feel as though they got a good price for what they hold. We've all heard the saying, "You get what you pay for," but that is not always the case. Sometimes you get what you don't pay for. Sometimes the price of getting something cheap is at the expense of others, and we don't see that invisible oppression written on the labels. No one boasts, "Made by slave children in impoverished nations" on the tags of their apparel. There is, however, one company that can proudly say, "Made in America, using sustainable organic or recycled materials!" That is not all, each one of their garments sold will provide 12 emergency meals to hungry Americans! That is why I support Fed By Threads! There is not another company like them anywhere. If you wonder why their clothes aren't as cheap as inferior products found at big box stores, it is because you are getting more than you are paying for, and the value of that peace of mind, that piece of pride, well that is priceless!


Keep up the stellar work FBT!!!


Yarrow King Sending love and hugs to you both!! You are doing something that is outside of the norm and is life changing. Stay with your vision, your are being the change you want to see in the world!!!


Phil Lipman I, for one, felt like a million bucks in my green 'fly' tee shirt yesterday! Well worth whatever the shirt cost me! Love what you two are doing!


Lisa O'Neill Thank you for your integrity! And for all you do!



Mallika Rao I am so happy to support you guys, and will continue to do so. Your photo shoot got one of my cousins from NY to buy a couple shirts for her family. Watch your business reach wide for a more evolved audience.

Heidi WilsonAlok! You're leading the pack, Baby! Keep on keepin' on! Big Big Love!!!


Wendy Coulter Love you Alok Appadurai! Sooooo excited to get my aqua dress in a month or two. How amazing are you to agree the XS was too small for me, not just try to sell a dress but to make sure it fits well and looks right on an individual. And how more amazing that you asked me to choose the color I would best like it in and then order that dress in the right size and color just for me. $48 is a perfectly reasonable price for a sustainably made, American-made, socially conscious dress that helps feed those in need? You two rock. Keep on rockin and don't let the haters get you down.


Rebecca Safford You all are an inspiration. I love everything you are doing and love you both!


Catie Mara Bramhall What you all are cultivating is amazing! It radiates love out and is way beyond a price tag. Please keep on keeping on!


Patricia Martin Love your clothing and You!!! You are changing the world for the better!  



Ali Maverick Thomas Less expensive clothing is "worth-less", considering the bad business practices it takes to keep the price down. I would rather buy good clothing from conscientious biz people. It's like they always say, you get what you pay for. My dollars buy clothing that helps people, not keeps people in financial slavery.


Lynne Jenrow You are at the leading edge of conscious shopping, of thriving rather than just surviving in this world. You can't meet everyone's needs because often you won't want to. How about a world where we increase our abundance so we can buy clothes that vibrates at a higher frequency of life affirming joy!


Heidi WilsonYou're leading the pack, Baby! Keep on keepin' on! Big Big Love!!!


Rebecca Safford You all are an inspiration. I love everything you are doing and love you both!



Ann Wilson Hear! Hear! I admire what you guys are doing - keep it up and tell Alok that he needs to remember to step back, take a break - reconnect - rebalance - refocus - recharge... Sending love from Amsterdam  xx


Lauren Terpstra I feel like you get what you pay for. The beautiful blue dress I bought from you is now a favorite go to in my maternity wardrobe. I feel good when i wear it. It exudes good energy. It is so hard to find something made in usa locally to wear that not only looks good but feels good. And not to mention the good karma I feel when wearing it! I know that there are other clothing options that are less expensive but it just feels good to wear that dress!! I just found out baby is a boy and cannot wait to go get him a onesie...having trouble deciding between the locally grown and lion. May just have to get both! Heads up

Laurent Baig You guys stay true to what you do. Tell the whiners to think about how those cheap clothes are made, how they get here, and just how long they last. Is it really money that is the bottom line? If it is, perhaps some questioning of self might be in order. Stay strong.

Timalee Nevels I love the clothes, and don't mind the price point... but would love for you to offer a large size option for some pieces. There's alot of us who would love to support you.


Nicole Meade A world in which people have better access to affordable and sustainable healthy choices is exactly what you are working to create.


Noëlle Vieau While the dress that I bought was slightly pricier than something that I'd buy somewhere else (made by who knows who, in who knows what kind of conditions), it fits like a glove. And it was made for a fair wage. And it's organic and sustainable. AND it feeds people in need. I think that I got more than I paid for. It's not often that something like clothes can leave you feeling like you've done a good thing. Please keep doing what you're doing.


Kristen Guynn Culliney You are an AMAZING company and family. DO NOT GIVE IN or GIVE UP. You are doing tough work making people THINK. Not everyone will get it... but the people who do are grateful you are here! I hope there are enough of us to make your business wildly successful.


Estelle Cruse We need people and companies like you, please do not give up! Tucson loves you!


Tana Kelch Keep believing and morphing and doing all you can to break the shopping mold the majority of society created. I heard it every day with Bohemia and I understand the drain. You are providing such a special product and have created such a wonderful business model. Just keep fighting that good fight and reminding yourself everyday that you are molding an amazing legacy!!


Kelli Lehrling What you guys are doing is awesome. The clothes are fantastic and beautiful. Those who can and wish to support it will keep buying your clothes. And for those who cannot, they will still be positively effected by the messages you send out and the impact on the community you make.


Alex Liebeskind Double your prices. Seriously. People will pay astronomical amounts of money for garments that are made in countries that support slave labor with the profits going to corporations that don't care 1/10th as much as you do about your community. You should be extremely proud of yourselves for the company that you own. Never back down, never quit.


Andrea Buttrick I feel spectacular every time I put on one of your pieces. Beautiful, honored, joyful. And that's just the feel of the fabric on my skin. To me it's like you're redefining "beauty." We are all so worth it: from those who grow, spin, weave, cut and sew to those that dream, design, purchase, and sell, to those that hope and purchase. We deserve the vision of community, clothing, feeding and wearing that you are offering.


Catriona O'Curry Courage! Your clothes are worth it. People are just used to getting things cheap. We are also considered expensive, and I relate to the dilemmas you describe... Keep up the good work, one moment at a time, one customer at a time, one product at a time... As Mother Teresa said :" ...we can only do small things with great love". Good thing we have our support groups!! We need cheering on once in a while, but it is all good work and worth it in the end.



Jennifer King You all are doing a fantastic job!


Hannah Bell Go fed by threads!


Reohad McCloud Thank you guys for making a difference. People do notice and appreciate and are happy to pay your more than reasonable prices. Keep up the fantastic work. Know that you are loved, and supported by your community and the greater community.


Lisa Engelberg Love what you do, and how you do it...with heart!


Jessica Trezise I ADORE this line, concept, company, you name it! If you pay attention, you can tell that every little detail is thought-FULL. Yes, it is a little more expensive than other lines, but those other lines aren't tackling and overcoming with conscientious actions. I set aside a little money for each piece I purchase because I WANT to buy FBT. I scope out my next piece each time I'm in (can't seem to resist the hoodies!). I look forward to the next purchase. I WANT to continue to support this business and I will buy one piece at a time, if that's all I can do. Thank you for being such wonderful members of our community. Keep on keepin' on!!


Teresa Osborne Keep the faith. No everyone will see your dream as you do when you do. Your passion for the dream is spreading. Sometimes we just don't see it. Look back over the expanse of time and see the footprints you have left in peoples lives. The passion you have shared and the changes you have made for people. Enjoy the budding blossom of the change you wish to see.


Juanita Padilla ❤❤❤

Vanessa Combs Sending love. Muuuuuaaaa u can do it


Elizabeth Akinyi Crumpler To echo everyone else here... I love your clothes (and should probably send you some pictures of me loving life in your clothes), but more than that, I value what you are making happen in the world, and in support of that I am happy to pay what you ask  Plus there are way more expensive clothes out there that are far more cheaply and definitely less ethically made than yours. What about THOSE clothes?

Wenonah Rollingearth Michallet-Ferrier You guys are an inspiration. Keep on fighting the good fight!


Kat Poepperling Keep it up guys!!! Love your vision and the grace with which you choose to serve others!


Pay attention to the folks who really care about your goals... And those you help every day!!!



Karen Wilson Cripe What your doing is important--to your neighbors, to your community, to your environment, to your world. You are amazing and giving so please don't lose sight of your awesomeness!


Ali Lamm I have seen several surveys asking,"If you could buy an American-made product for a slightly higher price than it's Chinese ( or other foreign country) made version, would you?"So many people say they definitely would, then turn around and go right back to buying low-priced, poorly made products at the big stores. While I might not be able to afford to buy a lot of your products, I have learned over the years that QUALITY is much more affordable in the long run. And if that quality product also provides meals, a living wage, and is done with sustainability and other Earth-friendly ideas in mind, then it is well worth a slightly higher price. Keep up the good work!


Mark Hansen I have 2 businesses. Both of which provide high quality products and fair prices. We are not the cheapest, just the best. There are others who superficially offer the "same" product. Educating my customers is expensive and marketing is like some voodoo science. I am successful but it is slow steady work and the fear gremlins are hiding in the shadows always. They remind us we need allies. You have them, rejoice and only surrender to god.


Carla Boucher Leasure Love To You Both!!! Keep up the good work!!!



Stefanie Flynn keep it up alok! you guys are doing an amazing job and i'm glad you are doing what you are doing!




Keely R. Sinclair Your clothing and social justice business model, is the best! I have a degree in Merchandise Mgt and almost got a masters in Fair Trade (Compassionate Consumerism). I was the GM for Shirts of Bamboo and I'm very familiar with eco minded retailers. Your clothing is most certainly comparable to those sustainably geared retail & online venues. If people want cheap clothing, made with pesticide laden fabrics, in a sweatshop, they can go to Wal-Mart.


Deborah Dobson Buying from Fed By Threads is a good value on so many levels.


Wendi Hauser You guys are awesome! This is the change we need to see in America! Sure it's cheap to buy a shirt at other places, they are made by people earning a dollar a day. I'm not just buying clothes from you guys, I'm buying peace of mind that I'm doing right by the environment and social responsibility. Keep it up!

Michelle Sheridan Worth every penny to spend the change I want to see in the world.  Much, much love from our family (and our goofy chickens). ♡♥♡


Nora Ligia Simmons I bought a couple of t-shirts (fish & plain) from you around Christmas time. I had gone to a locally owned sporting goods & clothing store to get t-shirts, but realized that the ones with designs were $5 MORE than yours. I drove across town to purchase from you. And I would have done so if your price was the same or even a bit higher. BTW, I'm unemployed and barely making it.



Celeste Lawrence Hang in there and keep on keepin' on! What you guys are doing is something new and different from what most people are used to. Your work is valuable and important. I believe that Americans have been "trained" to seek out the lowest prices. Because of that, many have lost complete sight of what the TRUE VALUE of things are. Although I'm sure it gets tiresome to remind people of exactly what their dollars are purchasing, eventually they will start to get used to. Either somebody wants what you have to offer and is willing to pay for it, or not. Nobody's forcing them to buy it. Fed by Threads ROCKS!!!

Deena R. Singer I am saving to buy your clothing rather than buy cheap items made at the expense of the wellbeing of the workers.

Natalie Valenzuela I haven't made my first purchase yet but plan on doing it soon! I want to because I believe in what you're doing... In the change and the good you represent.

Jessica Dawn West-Paul I don't usually buy new but when I do I usually regret it, unless it is from Fed By Threads. I haven't given a second thought to the price. The only thoughts that enter my mind are how much I love both of the things I got from you guys because I was helping others and buying clothes that I literally want to wear everyday. I also can't stop thinking about what absolutely amazing people Alok and Jade are and how easily they open their hearts and passions to their community. My friends and I all think you are great! If I lived closer I would be in much more often! I will continue to tell everyone who will listen about your amazing shop that sells soul friendly clothing from a couple anyone would be blessed to call friends!