Over 40 million Americans are Food-Insecure.

Meals For Hungry Families From EVERY Item Sold! 

It is our mission to make you smile every time you put on one of our shirts, tanktops, hoodies, and other apparel knowing you helped hungry people get fed! 

What motivates us?

  • 18 million children in America live in poverty in households that lack food security. 

  • Over 40 million Americans live with food insecurity in 2016. 

  • 4 million rural households across America lacked adequate food supplies.

  • 6.2 million suburban households similarly went without food security. 

How Do We Provide Meals Per Item Sold? 

We give money to Feeding America and the Community Food Bank Of Southern Arizona from each item sold which covers their costs of providing meals to hungry people in America. We have chose organizations specifically because Feeding America is a national organization of 200+ food banks while the CFBSA is right here in our backyard in Tucson, Arizona! We want to help locally and across the country!

Our goal is to inspire our growing community to help feed America's hungriest mouths, those that are barely getting by. Our DNA is to convert companies and individuals that buy apparel made in low-wage markets to buying a Made in the USA T-Shirt that can provide meals to an American in need!

We are a small company trying to do our part to shift how the role of businesses to help solve global and local challenges! 

Thank you for your support! 


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