How We Feed Meals


We have partnered with Feeding America to provide meals across the US.  Dan Nisbet, VP of Development wearing one of the RPET shirts made by a Fed By Threads.  Feeding America  understands the importance of a T-Shirt, what it means as a personal endorsement to a cause or idea. We are proud to make ethical shirts for the more than 200 Community Food Banks and thousands of companies that have partnered to help others.

  1. Feed hungry neighbors. 48 million Americans including 16 million American kids were food-insecure, we decided on the spot, we had to do something. 
  2. Source apparel and focused exclusively on American companies because we are able to easily visit and monitor conditions. This feeds meals to American families making our clothes.
  3. Printing is done with ethical manufacturing, non-toxic chemicals, and livable wage workers. This feeds meals to local artisan printers.
  4. Purchase organic and sustainable products such as shirts made out of recycled plastic bottles. This feeds the earth.

Fed By Threads & Feeding America


  • Emergency Meals/Piece Sold: We donate to Feeding America, a national hunger relief organization with over 200 distribution points across the country to cover their costs to collect, sort, and distribute edible good food that was heading for landfills instead to Americans in need. The food banks receive a lot of food that is donated but they still shoulder the costs of trucks, manpower, warehouses, and beyond. They are able to leverage our contributions to cover their costs to provide those emergency meals to the hungry in this country.
  • American Jobs! Fed By Threads supports small producers of sustainable clothing from around the country including Michigan, New Jersey, Texas, California, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Alabama, and beyond. Purchases at Fed By Threads support American knitters, spinners, dyers, designers, printers, fabric cutters, and so many others in the Fed By Threads extended ecosystem. That is the longterm solution to hunger

Here's a letter from Feeding America!

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