Limited-Edition Custom Printing w. Hand-Numbering and Signature Patch

Do you want to make limited edition custom printed t's with Fed By Threads?

This is the same as our normal custom print options but we will also sew on a limited edition patch that can be signed & hand numbered so that the recipients know exactly which number of the total print-run they got, ie #6 out of 72.

Perfect For Artists Or Designers

We seek artists and designers with inspiring work and large enough followings that you can get a minimum of 30 limited edition shirts sold (or pre-sold, see below)

Or Do A Fundraiser For An Organization!

Maybe you want to do a fundraiser for an organization you love? Together we can earmark a certain amount of the sale price for the shirt for that organization and we will send them a check from the sales. 

We can take Pre-Orders too!

And the best part is we can potentially set up a pre-order page that you can promote to build support for your custom collaboration with Fed By Threads! Therefore, there would be zero upfront risk to you! We can also provide an embeddable widget for your own website that can take pre-orders.* (We reserve the right to choose which pre-order collaborations are listed on our site)


  • Support an artist (yourself)
  • Feed meals to hungry Americans/piece
  • Support American garment manufacturing jobs (we only do Made In America)
  • Protect The Environment (we only use organic fabrics)

This is an incredibly exciting project for us here at Fed By Threads! 

So if you know an artist, designer, organization, or company that might be interested in this premium custom print option with the sewn in hand-numbered and signed patch, please tell them about us! Or simply want to launch a fundraiser with Fed By Threads for an organization or individual you love, contact us! 

Email or call 520.396-4304 to learn more!