The Founders



Fed By Threads LLC was founded from a simple idea to sell apparel with proceeds donated to help feed meals. A year after launching the brand, Alok Appadurai and Jade Beall decided to use organic T-shirts and  the idea to sell responsibly made clothing was born.   Fed By Threads blossomed into a social entrepreneurship project that has fed nearly 1,000,000 meals.  We have partnered with Feeding America, Tony Robbins Foundation and with our corporate partners will feed a ten million meals in ten years.

As Fed By Threads has grown, the team has grown in experience and passion while keeping the core principles of sustainability and feeding those in need at the heart of what we do.  Our DNA has added community minded sales professionals who come to us from some of America’s forward thinking companies. Our team began Green Initiatives which were developed in response to a growing demand in the market place.  Many of and those ideas have become part of our corporate culture. We look for individuals that have experience in sustainability and successful expansion track records that will work to preserve the FBT ideals.

We are a small company that will maintain its integrity through our growth. We can promise this because in April of 2016 we launched stricter guidelines for our vendors using what we call (SCA) Supply Chain Aware standards. At that time many of our partners told us that we were the first company to demand concrete proof of sustainability and fiber origin. Fed By Threads also upgraded our printing and embroidery to include organic inks and hypoallergenic materials which was cost prohibitive before our 2016 expansion.

Regardless of what the market does or what people say, we believe that our brand has one goal…To change the mind of Corporate America to insist sustainability as the key component of company apparel and corporate promotional T-Shirts.