Shipping, Return, & Exchange Policy

Firstly, we humbly ask for your patience. Unlike which can zoom items to you fast, fast, fast, here at Fed By Threads, we are a small family-run company working as hard as possible to design, print, and get our work out to our fans all at the same time. We do our best and are so thankful that no one has gotten 'mad at us' yet for not being as fast as the big companies. 

Shipping Policy:

Shipping costs Vary, while we do we ship many times a week but please give up to 1 week for an order to arrive, although 90% will arrive much faster than that.

Return Policy: 

We must receive the item back within 14 days in the exact same condition you received it, neatly folded, and unwrinkled, smelling as it did when it arrived, in brand-new condition. We reserve the right to do a partial refund or no refund at all depending on the condition of the returned item.

We are able to do offer FREE return shipping on some orders because our community does not take advantage of the policy. There is a growing trend of consumers over-ordering simply because they intend to return which ever items they simply didn't like. We are pleased that until now, Fed By Threads' customers don't fall into that category.

Exchange Policy:

We may pay for exchanges to be shipped too but reserve the right to charge shipping again in certain situations. 

 If you have any questions, you can email us

Your support is so important to us and is what keeps us going! 

-Fed By Threads