So what's on the menu at Fed By Threads? We are so pleased to announce that our ingredients are sustainable and earth-friendly! We feel that the most delicious items we can serve our customers consist of the best ingredients such as: 

  • Organic Cotton
  • Lyocell: repurposed wood pulp
  • Soft Hemp
  • Recycled Denim blended into cotton
  • Recycled Plastic Bottles: Yes you read that correctly! There is a gyre of plastic floating in the Pacific Ocean

We believe companies have a responsibility to our environment and therefore we are doing our best to make the choices necessary to be as sustainable in our practices as we possibly can. We continue to educate ourselves on ways to have less of an impact. While it does raise our costs to make these choices, we believe that as more companies make these choices, it is better for our nation and the environment as a whole! 

Some of the highlights of our Green Initiatives include: 

  • Using only 100% sustainable materials in our apparel, such as organic cotton, recycled plastic bottles, upcycled denim, hemp, lyocell and others
  • Dying with low-impact dyes as much as possible
  • Shipping with biodegradable & compostable cellulose mailers that have 2 adhesive strips so they can be used twice
  • Recycled Post-cards
  • No-Bleach clothing labels
  • Printing with recycled paper in our office, which is then 100% recycled after use.
  • Our printing facilities use non-PVC non-pthaylate inks.

It is our dream to see an ever growing number of companies expand their own commitments to the environment. It's good business & it's green.