U.S. Made

Revitalizing U.S. Manufacturing & The Economy

Fed By Threads has a simple belief that if we shift towards purchasing items made in the United States, our economy will improve. It's that simple. That is why we are shifting to 100% U.S.-Worker Made (by November 1, 2012). We want to help revitalize the U.S. textile and manufacturing industries that used to thrive across the country. We can vote with our wallets and the best way to help create much-needed jobs in the United States is to simply spend our dollars at companies that create jobs in the United States. 

Fed By Threads is part of a growing movement to raise this simple act of conscious consumption. While there are many factors that go into strengthening the economy, we have tremendous power to shape the future of our nation's economy. 

Does this raise our costs? Absolutely. Is paying for U.S.-Worker-Made apparel worth it? Definitely.

We need to shift back to the days where America produced real goods for America. It is not that we don't think workers in other countries don't do amazing work. We just believe that people in this country can do so as well. It further cuts down on the carbon foot print of our choices by reducing the petroleum needed to ship goods from distant countries. 

On every level, we are proud to stand behind our decision to only supply apparel made in the United States. Are you with us?