We Do Care Unisex T-Shirt

Ash Heather
Purple Heather

100% Recycled T-Shirt created by Youth Activist, Tara Doyle. 

This unisex, crew neck, short sleeve, double hem, manufactured and decorated in the USA T-Shirt, is made of 65% Recycled Organic Cotton/35% Recycled Polyester (recycled from plastic water bottles) is ethically made.

This shirt is made in the USA using only sustainable materials, zero toxins, livable wage employees, and each shirt feeds six meals to human beings in need. We are going to target meals to Community Food Banks that are providing services to detention centers holding non-US families and children.

  • Cut and sewn in New York 
  • Decorated In Tucson
  • 35% Recycled Plastic Bottles/ 65%Recycled Organic Cotton
  • Sweatshop-Free Labor Conditions!

About the concept:  Tara Doyle was awarded the 2018 Fed By Threads Educational Award and part of her award includes designing a T-Shirt that will benefit a social change campaign. She has chosen to provide legal protection to non-US kids that are being held in US detention facilities. 

Tara says, "We, the American people, have the power to create change:

  • We can donate to organizations that are helping immigrant families.
  • We can get more young people to be politically active.

The first short-term goal and second long-term goal were my motivation for creating these shirts, and I have chosen two incredible nonprofits to benefit from the proceeds. KIND (Kids In Need of Defense) has been providing free legal services to immigrant children for over ten years. They have already helped over 16,000 kids and trained over 25,000 attorneys, and they are working towards a world where no child goes unrepresented in court. SIFI, the Southeast Immigrant Freedom Initiative, was created by The Southern Poverty Law Center to provide free legal counsel to detained immigrants in some of the largest detention centers in the country. My goal is to donate $3,000 to these organizations with the sale of our shirts. People care about the environment and about each other and our message is simple but powerful: We Do Care."



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